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2007 Hyundai FX Coupe

  • 94,000 Kilometres
  • Exterior:

  • Interior:

    Hyundai FX Coupe 2007

    Hyundai FX Coupe 2007 for sale in Torrevieja. The year of this vehicle is 2007 which has done 94,000 kilometres and has 3 doors. This car has a manual transmission. This is a super sports car is in excellent condition.

    Hyundai FX Coupe 2007 for sale in Torrevieja

    Hyundai Fx Coupe
    This Hyundai Coupe is equipped with many features such as air conditioning and central locking system. It also has electric windows and many other common features.

  • Aluminium Rims
  • Electric Windows
  • Leather Seats
  • Radio CD